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No More
Story Hangovers

Choose to feel safe in fiction. We avoid stressful stories with predictable outcomes.

Stay hooked

Protect your mood

Bond with fictional characters

Stories set in
Australia & Europe

Stop the Story Hangover

That story brought you down. Your mood is affected despite being told it was great. With us, you can feel safe. We avoid the shattering details that cause story hangovers.

Why would you risk it?

Storytelling shouldn't affect
anyone's mood.

From book to screenplay, here's what we do different:

Visual Storytelling

You read our books like a movie. We write in visual language you imagine with ease.

Unique Settings

From Australia to exotic Europe. Stories are set in places Hollywood neglects.

Avoid (too) heavy topics

There is no space for ongoing tormenting, horror and overall heavy topics.

Strong Hooks & Twists

You shouldn't be able to guess how the story unfolds.

Don't take our word.

Hear what our customers say and the ones that experienced our craft.

Brilliant Writing

''I loved the brilliant writing of this book, the background is described in a very lyrical prose that you will easily fall in love, the twists brought by new characters in different chapters make this book so intriguing!''

Book Review

A Story with a Strong Hook

''Strong project with clear commercial value. Although not the right fit, it showcases you have a story with a strong hook.''

Feedback by
Hollywood Producers

An Interesting and Unpredictable Read

''Each of the characters have a unique voice and personality that makes the experiences they face and choices they make, an interesting and unpredictable read.''

Book Review

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If you are a reader, retailer, producer or publisher yourself - we got you covered.


Read the story that
people seem to like.


Ready-to-buy scripts or custom-made
for your production.

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So simple.

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Experience storytelling

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You are safe with us. Stop story hangovers and bond with your favourite fictional characters.

The Story

Like you, we are critical about stories

Done with predictable plots and beloved characters disappearing? We felt the same. That's why we transformed storytelling in our books and screenplays.

With us, you can trust the story, knowing we focus on your experience and high-quality storytelling. No more tears, or sleepless nights. Engage with characters without fearing they disappear.

From frustrated reader and moviegoer to your go-to storyteller across books, movies and shows. Experience the relief of satisfying storytelling. We know how you escape story hangovers and what information you need to make an informed decision.

More details

Clear details upfront
about stories not after you
pay for it

Our number one frustration: a lack of clear information what to expect. It's different and not for everyone.

See Book
*We're our own worst critic.
Often set in Australia

Most of our stories are set in Australia because we love this country the most.

Specific Editing

Our editors don't delete but follow our story goals as fellow readers. This is how stories stay on-brand and creativity remains.

Multiple Perspectives

Our book Business Wise is written from multiple points of view. You pick your favourite characters.

Stay Hooked

Each story has a strong hook that keeps you clinging to the pages. If not, expect a plot twist.

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