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Books, Services & Tools to Solve your Probs!

From books to storytelling services and tools to fix your hangover; here you find what you need to stop those pesky story hangovers. Explore our storytelling and tools, made to give you the story experience you deserve; at home and on the go!

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I'm a Reader

Read Business Wise, the book our readers seem to love. Will you love this one too?
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I'm a Retailer

Stock your shelves with Business Wise, made for audiences that love a unique story.
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I have a Story Hangover

Stop story hangovers and
get the tips and tools to feel better with fiction.
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I'm a Producer

Get finished or custom-made screenplays to
fill up movie theatres.
How do you write?
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Storytelling Redefined, Hangover-Free

With us, you get a unique perspective to fiction. We write from multiple perspectives, using a visual language.
You imagine the story with more ease.

Our stories are carefully made so you get to feel closer to and bond with fictional characters. You can feel safe, knowing we avoid (too) heavy topics. That way, you get to avoid what often results in book hangovers and post-reading frustrations.

Curious? Click the button below to read what this story is about.

Book Set in Australia
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Books should look good - and sell

Stand out with more than a cover - stories that are made to avoid those pesky story hangovers. Like you, we care about what readers experience. Here's a quick summary:

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Often set in Australia
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Visual storytelling
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For readers that love multiple perspectives

Stories shouldn't make
you feel bad.

We know many do. From too heavy topics, to disappointing storylines all the way to not being allowed to bond with specific characters. Here, you are safe in fiction. Read what we provide (free):

Site to find storymood-proof stories and avoid you buy the wrong ones.
Site to find storymood-proof stories and avoid you buy the wrong ones.
AI Prompts
Use our prompts to generate custom fanfiction stories to feel better.
On our blog and YouTube channel, you read how to prevent the story hangover.
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Audiences deserve better

Screenplays to keep audiences
in their seats.

Many movie lovers, Netflix button-pushers and tv-show geeks are critical. They are often confronted with a story that wasn't satisfying. To stop dissatisfied audiences, this is what we do:

Unique Settings

Stories are set in Australia, exotic islands or exclusive places in Europe.

Keep Characters

We say no to laziness: writing characters out of the story.
It affects moods and often, audiences aren't impressed.

Stakes & Twists

Instead of the shock factor, we use high stakes and plot twists.
See our reviews how it turned out!

Avoid Hangovers

This doesn't mean a boring story. It's a way to avoid story hangovers as your audience returns home.

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